​IT chooses live communication

IT chooses live communication

The anti-conference Summer Merge 2022 was held in the Ulyanovsk region on June 24-26. About 500 people from 22 cities of Russia gathered for these three days of rest in the most picturesque eco-park “Russian Coast”.Summer Merge participants and invited experts were not only able to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of digital detox, but also to exchange their accumulated experience with like-minded people, communicate and ask their questions.

– We know that the beginning of this year was not easy for the industry. Therefore, we invited everyone who is in IT to take a break from clients and edits, meet old friends, find like-minded people and spend the summer weekend with benefits. It’s nice that many Summer Merge seemed like a place where you could come, gain strength and pump soft skills. Now our task is to make the next event even better and better,” explains Maria Novichkova, coordinator of the Summer Merge program committee.

IT specialists were able to get away from work in one of the most beautiful places in the Ulyanovsk region. The Russian Coast Eco-Park is located on a peninsula in the Staromainsky Bay, 70 kilometers from Ulyanovsk. To stay at the anti-conference, participants could camp with their tent in a tent camp or book a comfortable house.

At the anti-conference, 8 reports were presented from speakers from VK, Huawei, Ashmanov and partners, SimbirSoft, SEO.ru , GC OTR, Mad Brains and VT2B. Lectures on soft skills, time management and other practices were organized in the shade of summer tents. On the territory of the camp there were playgrounds with activities for participants: sapboards, yoga, meditation, a volleyball and football tournament, a master class in video blogging and brewing, a cybersecurity quiz, a shooting gallery, pilates and others.

– For three days there were interesting lectures and master classes. We learned that it is not only possible to be distracted from work for 5 minutes, but it is also very useful for efficiency. We listened about the “machine learning” of the information system and discussed the reality of the uprising of machines in our world. In general, we had quite a productive time at the conference, which gave us a resource to pump up our soft skills, chat live with cool colleagues from other regions, learn a lot of new things and just enjoy unity with nature! The conference has charged us 100%, which will definitely allow us to perform our tasks much cooler! – the participant of the anti-conference Ksenia from Rokada Med shared.

The format of the anti-conference promotes the development of communication skills and increases employee engagement, which is what every modern IT company is interested in. It is worth noting that Summer Merge 2.0 will take place in the Russian Coast Eco Park on August 12-14! The anti-conference organizers team invites everyone who is in IT to spend a summer weekend without smartphones and laptops on the Volga River, get acquainted with the specialists of regional companies and become part of the IT community.

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