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Probably, every experienced PC user and especially programmers have heard about NET development platform or even worked within it. So what is NET platform and what are we going to deal with? .NET is a totally free and open sourced developing program created for implementing various kinds of apps.

NET - Net development

Dot net framework key features

.NET platform is, probably, one of the most convenient development platforms ever created. It gives you undeniable facilities and strengths. Surely, the first ones to name are speed and its higher scale security. These features make .NET platform stand out from the crowd. It definitely performs a lot faster than any popular web framework. When it comes to security .NET supports protocols of authentication accepted in the industry. They will help your web applications to be protected against XSS and CSRF processes. All of these will help our net programmers to create secure apps for your commercial or private usage.

NET platform gives you a chance of creating a wide range of web applications that may be used for your business or programming usage. Such as:

Enterprise mobility solutions
Augmented Reality (AR)
Virtual Reality (VR)
Mixed Reality (MR)
3D Solutions
NET 3 - Net development

Perfect tool

It’s a perfect tool for creating dot net applications containing various programming languages and libraries. So creating applications was never as convenient as it is now. This type of platform includes multiple languages for programming, various editing programmes, and libraries to create net applications for web, desktop, mobile, and gaming.


There are three types of languages for programming that you can write on. Such as:

•Visual Basic

F# language for programmers is a functional one and used for dot net framework containing an imperative way of programming.
C# is a simple programming language which is object-oriented.
Visual Basic language is commonly used for creating type-safe and object-oriented applications.

NET 4 - Net development
NET 5 - Net development

Visual studio

There’s a possibility of implementing a Visual Studio program, some special environment where programmers could write C# or specialized .NET programs. Undisputed advantages of this application is its’ ability to edit codes, performance analysis,adapt the design of the interface and manage the server.


There are three types of languages for programming that you can write on. Such as:

ASP.NET is a specialized tool for creating web pages and websites with the help of HTML, CSS and Javascript. Any of the programing languages may be used.

NET 6 - Net development

.NET platform usage

This platform is actively used by top companies all over the world.This fact speaks for itself.

Net platform compatibility

.Net platform is compatible with any OS it’s run on. It is compatible with Windows, Linux, and MacOS. Surely, it fully supports all of the services, websites, applications for desktop on Windows.

Creating 3D applications

Net platform gives our ServReality developers opportunity for creating 3D corporate solutions for your business. We’ve got all the tools for making it! A dot net platform gives an opportunity to implement 3D figures of any size on the gadgets or on the cloud. All of your future projects details will be discussed carefully and, therefore, brought into life.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

ServReality will make any of your ideas come true. Previous successful cases with various companies-market leaders from different manufacturing spheres are evidential.

Enterprise mobility solutions

Using the tools and advantages of .NET framework helps our developers to make your business grow by implementing the best applications and deciding the best way of assisting your workers. All these set of actions will bring your business into a whole new level, believe us.

When it comes to success there is no time for hesitations! Just make your step to success with ServReality!

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