Product overview: MR in the City (New York) is a social networking service that puts the city in the mixed virtual reality. A user can check his/her neighborhoods, get acquainted with the people leaving next door from the comfort of his/her home, go shopping, visit museums, and wander through parks. Everything one can normally do in New York City. Users can find out more about their neighbors just by tapping on their house info. They can explore the whole city and visit the local areas as well.

Issues: Our team needed to create a great, smooth, engaging social networking app, implementing numerous advanced features. We had to implement the abilities for the users to browse locations, photos, share pictures, and visit each other in an innovative way. We needed to collect Big Data from all available sources, correctly locate all the buildings and other constructions and allow people to virtually interact. At the same time, the app should remain cost-effective.

Technologies used: iOS, Android SDK, Oculus.

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