Product overview: Ultimate Marketing Promotions by means of Advanced Analytics. The customer wanted well-defined, strategic customer segments, which could serve as the cornerstone of all targeted loyalty marketing programs. Plus, the customer asked to gather data about each of their customers and create AI-based predictions to better understand what their customers need now and would require in the future.

Issues: the customer wanted to outsource development services software the whole project. Our team of 6 IT experts was engaged in this product development process. We had to strategically segment, update the entire client’s loyal customer base and automate all management processes. Thus, first and foremost, we needed to collect, check, segment, and update an existing database. We used AI to make smart predictions of which kind of content the particular user would benefit the most. We applied different analysis metrics and techniques to implement reporting capabilities.

Technologies used: AI

Result: The client better understood the customer base, boosting responsiveness to consumer preferences in a solid way.

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