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The AR and VR experiences are compelling in delivering real and immediate feedback. In fact, the Virtual and augmented reality has revolutionized the way people shop – buy homes, choose which accessories and clothes to purchase. ServReality helps customers to join this digital revolution. We’ve already:

  • Captured and deployed engaging virtual tours
  • Powered tools for interior and product customization
  • Helped customers to publish awesome augmented catalogs, driving greater sales.

Become closer to your audience in a novel and profound way, ServReality can help you with that!

From the back office to the doctor’s office, ServReality helps customers deliver smarter, innovative, more effective, and efficient healthcare solutions. With ServReality, our customers can:

  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Improve the training of medical personnel
  • Practice life-critical procedures and tasks without the real-world implications of improper use, reducing all associated risks
  • Help people with autism – by interacting with technology, they learn social cues, therefore, improving their motor skills.

Gain the competitive advantage with ServReality by offering a plethora of Virtual reality entertainment solutions. From concept to execution, we deliver outstanding VR/AR experiences to our customers. We’ve already allowed people to:

  • Wander through different galaxies
  • Discover the hidden beauties of the underwater world
  • Walk through the remotest places on the Earth
  • Step ahead to the future.

If you can imagine it, we can create it. Let’s create amazing life-like adventures together!

Virtual/Augmented reality has been created to bring the universe a little closer. With these technologies, experiential learning by simulating real-world environments made simple and real. In short, VR education:

  • Involves hands-on learning that seriously contributes to the cognitive memory improvement.
  • Features life-like engagement that helps people get connections to the subject material.
  • Enhances the reaction time, pattern recognition, and decision making in our real world.

ServReality has the needed skills to help you with any learning app, which involves immersive technology, helping people learn faster and more effectively.

Today, banking and fintech companies either use special VR tools to help people manage their finances, conduct deals instead of using standard meeting rooms or as a marketing tool to generate PR buzz. Got any other exciting fintech idea?

Tell us about it! ServReality can help you with all of them.

When we talk about VR and AR, gambling and automotive are two main industries that are most influenced. For transportation and automotive, virtual reality technologies have a lot to offer, including:

  • Reliability: No human errors associated with human drivers or human practicing. No traffic jams, accidents and other incidents on the way.
  • Durability: No need to constantly repair cars and other means of transport as there are fewer accidents and lesser real use.
  • Maturity: VR/AR technologies keep on developing, maturing and improving. A scalable way to practice mechanical processes and repairs.

ServReality can create a top-notch VR product to help you conquer the never-ending fierce competition of the automotive sphere.

There are dozens of cases when VR augments the real estate and architecture industry. Just imagine: with VR, you can:

  • Walk through the building that is at the stage of design. How about easily moving within rooms or even floors as if you are actually inside them? Immerse customers in their ideal home even before putting a single brick.
  • Virtually attend ten apartments to choose which one to rent from any location instead of wasting time and money on really going to each of them separately.
  • Check how particular items (furniture, decor, colors) would suit your home/place.

Partner with ServReality and we will help you go beyond anyone’s imagination.

Fly before you buy is what VR has to offer. The possibility to experience the facilities before booking is what people simply adore. Indeed, virtual reality tours can greatly enhance your experiences but the fun does not stop here. Once off-limits adventure, with VR and AR there will be any dream destinations left as you will be able to virtually attend all of them. Climb the Everest, admire the beauties of the Grand Canyon, wander through all seven World Wonders not leaving your home.  Teleport yourself into an experience to detect whether it’s close to what you have been expecting. Apart from having fun exploring the area, you can carefully plan your holiday and adventures. It’s time to make informed decisions!

Noteworthy is the fact that if you adjust a Google virtual tour on your hotel/accommodation, leisure and spa or restaurant website, that will solidly boost this portal to the top of Google search engine results.

With ServReality, your customers can do even more. Widen horizons!

Bring events to life with VR and AR because these cutting-edge technologies let remote spectators experience events not only as if they were there themselves, but closer to the action than ever before. Simply speaking, by means of these novel technologies, people can be easily and safely put in the middle of the event.

In general, the events and planning industry can greatly benefit from VR/AR/MR, here are some of the most attention-worthy benefits these technologies could bring:

  • They let people experience a potential venue without having to travel to it in person, thus saving valuable time and money.
  • They let exhibition owners save lots of space. Just imagine, you don’t need to place dozens of trucks into the exhibition center, visitors can view and interact with them in a virtual way.
  • They help attendees to engage with one another being in different parts of the world.

But the opportunities for the industry don’t end here, they are limitless. So, don’t wait any longer, just dive into the VR/AR world with ServReality!

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