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Tell your story in an advanced way – by means of AI combined with virtual reality technologies. Engage, educate, entertain your audience in the right way. By collecting all data about your customers, AI can help you create such ads that will make your target audience be willing to try your product. In fact, with AI, ads will be:

  • Customer-centric (satisfying every of your customers in some way or another)
  • Proper shown (AI detects the best channel, time and manner to tell your target audience about your product)
  • Click-driven (similar to context ads, your advertisements would be shown to people who theoretically would like your product)

Gain the competitive advantage with the AI ads, ServReality will show you how.

Talking about AI, healthcare is the very first industry that can benefit from this smart technology. Now, the AI market is full of promising newcomers willing to significantly improve healthcare. For instance, due to advanced predictive analytics AI and novel technologies it refers to have to offer, a smart communication service alerting about all possible risks, health problems and issues is not the future anymore.

These are some of the most widespread issues AI can help people with:

  • Perform robot-assisted surgeries, automation of major daily operations and much of the medical image processing.
  • Generate better, more in-depth knowledge about humans, including tissues, cells, and mechanisms they co-exist.
  • Gigantic time savings, capable to save millions of lives. For instance, AI allows performing a comprehensive tissue analysis in one day that a pathologist with classical methods would require doing in a year.  Impressed, right?

So, AI today might not only augment human activity but erase healthcare boundaries, therefore, enabling care both anywhere and everywhere.

Should you need a truly prominent AI-powered application, ServReality is there to help you with it.

Being one of the most popular pastime options, gambling and everything it concerns deserves a special mention when it comes to AI because there are numerous ways to go, both for gamers and entertainment vendors.

Picture this: you have an AI-based robot, which analyses big data, the particular sport event in the real time, complicated gaming schemes and tricks to predict the winning result. Due to machine learning, you can now get the best time to place a bet in any particular market. As a result, you can place the winning bets and make smart moves, bringing you lots of money. The fun does not end here. AI allows you better understand the particular game or sport and its metrics.

Nevertheless, AI brings solid benefits to the entertainment software developers as well as it can carefully detect the key player information, for instance, the player type, the happiness level of the gamer, and etc. Since knowing is the power, vendors can now create the best strategies to satisfy its customers, spending less. Besides, vendors can now know when it’s the right time to block problematic accounts or to set certain limitations to them. You get the picture, right?

ServReality is expert in AI development and can help you with any smart entertainment app you have in mind.

AI drives numerous advantages to the training industry, for instance:

  • More personalized experiences with greater engagement (everybody has a different learning style and adores feeling special, AI can collect data and determine the best-suiting learning way to any particular person)
  • More advanced, better-thought programs (after collecting and analyzing data, AI make adjustments to the programs to improve them.)

The ServReality team boasts one the most skillful developers and IT professionals in the area, so they can create any learning application you need.

There are numerous ways banking and Fintech companies can benefit from AI because it smoothly and efficiently combines the programming, logical reasoning, mathematics and statistics. Picture this: you go to the banking institution and come across the AI-powered avatar that guides you and answers all your questions. That’s not all: you don’t need to leave you real place, everything takes place in the mixed reality. And thus, the human element along with all associated expenses is being removed.

In short, for banking and fintech, AI offers the following opportunities:

  • Improved security: AI and its subfields can protect from cyber criminals, fraud, unauthorized access, and malware.
  • Greater, more personalized user experiences: AI-powered chatbots provide round-the-clock support for customers.
  • Solid time and money reduction: AI can automate numerous daily operations, reducing the number of people needed. And thus, fewer human resources, greater time and money savings.
  • Risk and problems elimination: AI offers not only accurate risk analysis, but also smart predictions, and more intelligent technology.

ServReality can create those smart banking and fintech apps for you.

AI is simply incredible when it comes to the automotive and transportation industry as it allows machines to make intelligent decisions on the go. So far, we’ve got the big names – Google, Tesla, and Apple that have been greatly involved in driver-assistance systems development. Self-driving cars, virtual driver assistants have become a reality. Yet, there are many other cool options AI has to offer for the automotive industry.

The ServReality team employs the most skillful developers and IT professionals in the area, so they can create any application you wish.

The key concepts AI offers for the fitness and sports industry is the focus on increased efficiency and engagement.  In most cases, if we talk about this industry, we mean wearable AI technology, which lets people:

  • Analyze your performance, fitness, nutrition and activity data
  • Predict risks and health problems, letting you stay informed of any injuries or setbacks. For example, the sports app can tell the user to take shorter and quicker steps to prevent injury.
  • Improve cognitive strength and movement efficiency.
  • Offer meaningful insights and guidance, on how to live healthier.

Have something else an AI-powered app should be capable of? Want to impress your customers with an engaging AI-powered sport or fitness app? ServReality will help!

AI techniques are designed to make a machine as smart as a human, if not smarter. Still, by infusing intelligence, machine learning and computer vision techniques to machines, we, people, can become smarter, healthier as well as more informed and powerful. Soon artificially creating a human being won’t be a problem anymore. In fact, the possibilities AI offers are endless, not to mention the abilities to:

  • Scope and test out high ROI projects in a snap
  • Perform accurate analysis, prevent risks, and issue instant wayouts.

So, AI lets us make data-driven analysis and decisions faster than a human can. Have a smart AI-based app in mind? Let ServReality make it real.

Artificial intelligence promises vast opportunities for the manufacturing industry, ranging from robotic machines collecting harvest without human beings involved to smart 3D printers capable to print anything they face on their way. Based on mathematical algorithms and advanced machine learning techniques, AI can superpower any manufacturing item.

If handled properly, AI could be an awesome tool and ServReality offers its assistance in implementing those handy AI-based techniques to your manufacturing software.

Talking about customer services, chatbots offering human-like conversations along with smoother and more useful UI for on-screen interactions are some simple things AI offers. Still, it has more than you can imagine. Indeed, AI promises huge benefits to the customer service industry, not to mention the following:

  • More personalized customer services, resulting in more satisfied customers
  • Higher efficiency, bringing more value
  • Gigantic cut on costs, in particular, in human resources.

ServReality is there to create a smooth AI-based customer service app for you.

AI can bring lots of great advantages to the HR/recruiting industry.  For instance, an AI chatbot, which is used to retrieve answers to FAQ, can save lots of HR’s time. Why not consider embracing a productivity chatbot as your newest HR team member then?

In general, the AI-based software can help you with the following:

  • Automate various HR processes and the scheduling
  • Improve employees’ motivation
  • Reduce human bias
  • Plan and manage training programs for the staff members
  • Analyze and predict the needs of staff members, maintaining their level of satisfaction.

So,  by means of artificial intelligence, ServReality can take your HR experience to the higher level. Get started right away!

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