Product overview: iHotel is the AR app allowing hotel/hostel/apts owners to boost their offerings through interactive elements within the offered facilities. By taping a phone/tablet at a particular place, guests can not only see the facility with their AR eyes, but also to get some additional data about the local places of interest, enhancing the use of the map. This helps tourists better plan out their leisure experience, making their stay more convenient and enjoyable.


  • We needed to gather all nearby data about the facility and its surrounding areas. Our team decided to create a three-dimensional view of the offered facility and its local places. We created photo-realistic, highly interactive visualizations of places for augmented reality.
  • We had to properly apply the mixture of spatial presentation with real-time configuration capability. Plus, that should be really simple and engaging to use. Plus, the app should be iOS and Android compatible.

Technologies used: AR, iOS and Android.

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