Product overview: HotelKey is an app for the hospitality industry used to send virtual keys to guests to unlock the facility’s door through their phones. The owner of the facility does not need to stand at the door all the time.


  • Our team had to combine the following technologies into one secure package: Ultralight C, Desfire EV1, Mifare Plus, Bluetooth, and NFC as well as Beacon technology with the augmented reality . The app had to work properly via Bluetooth, allowing the hotel staff to send a virtual key to guests. Therefore, the app had to be both iOS and Android compatible.
  • We provided A-level security; the key cannot be duplicated. Its encrypted data transfer used SSL (Secure Socket Layer) AES 128 bit encryption opening procedures.
  • And for the hotel staff – the process had to be easy, fast and convenient. All they need to do is open the app’s check-in menu, choose a room and date, enter the new guest’s mobile phone number and press the ´Edit Key´ to send the key to guest.

Technologies used: Beacon, AR/VR, Ultralight C, Desfire EV1, Mifare Plus, Bluetooth and NFC.

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