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The go programming language is widely known as the «golang» is an open source tool that helps programmers all over the world creating efficient and simple software. One of the main pros of this software is definitely its simplicity. It is an interesting scientific fact that this language was designed and produced at Google in 2007.
ServReality is a company with a long and successful experience in a golang development. Our Ukrainian, Kiev-based company consists of 100+ skilled programmers in golang applications development and other programming platforms and languages that will help to bring your company to a whole new level. Our management and every programmer are ready, willing and able to implement all your courageous and ambitious ideas. We’ve already proven our trustworthiness with each of our successfully completed projects that you may see in our portfolio.

Golang - Golang development

Each of our golang developers has a wide background of this tool implementation within different areas, structures and spheres as gaming, software creation, trade, and education.
Golang platform has a lot of options included in an interface that makes programmers work a lot more convenient and simplified. By the way, the list of companies that have already embraced golang is quite impressive and speaks for itself. It includes YouTube, Apple, BBC, The New York Times, Facebook and many more! This fact shows the trustworthiness and reliability of this programming tool.

Golang’s advantages:

Open source
Speed and security
Cross-platform and compatibility with other platforms
An option of garbage collecting
Has its bugs fixed
Golang 3 - Golang development

So what is a Golang service? Probably, there’s no PC user or especially programmers that haven’t heard about this convenient programming language. Golange is a so-called tool of programming that gives you an opportunity to produce software for multiple and various platforms. Mostly, this wonderful platform is run on every platform as Linux, MacOs, and Windows. ServReality may give your company or business projects a lot of solutions offered.

Golang programming language gives you a chance of creating a wide range of web applications that may be used for your business or private\commercial usage. Such as:
• Enterprise mobility solutions
• Augmented Reality (AR)
• Virtual Reality (VR)
• Mixed Reality (MR)
• 3D Solutions

Golang 4 - Golang development

Golang development solutions for Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is a popular technology nowadays. It helps to change your real-world reality completely! Augmented Reality completed with a Golang may be successfully implemented in every area and applied to every sphere your business working in. Our ServReality company has a lot of successfully completed projects with Augmented Reality for segment leaders.

Golang development for Virtual Reality

Golang service may be one of the best solutions for creating Virtual Reality. Our ServReality company will help you to implement any of your bravest ideas for different manufacturing sphere!

Enterprise Mobility Solutions with a Golang

Enterprise Golang development may be the best solution for creating perfect software for improving your business work processes and convenience for your workers. A team of our ServReality professionals will help you while making your business dream come true.

Golang for mobile app development

Golang may be the top programming language for developing mobile applications. According to the latest studies average smartphone user is trying to reach his smartphone device dozens of times. It’s a perfect chance to define and conquer your target key audience. Creating mobile apps with the help of Golang will be the perfect decision. This language holds one of the leading places in the percentage amount of mobile applications’ development. This fact speaks for itself. By the way, it’s currently one of the most searched and found programming language all over the web during this year.

Here is the list of applications may be developed with a Golang
· Android apps
· Big data technology
· Websites
· Embedded space
· Scientific applications
· Server applications
· And, surely, games
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