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C ++ is a widely used object-oriented programming language. It is considered by many to be the best language for building large applications, but also for system programming. Confidently, С++ is #1 in software programming.

The C ++ development is excellent because it allows both an efficient and machine-oriented programming and programming at a high level of abstraction. C ++ consists of very few words. It gets its actual functionality – similar to the language C – through standard libraries.

In application programming, C ++ is used primarily where high efficiency requirements are placed. As a result, performance limits dictated by technical conditions can be exploited very well.

C - C++ development

In addition to desktop application development, C ++ is also used in system programming. Typical applications are operating systems, embedded systems, virtual machines and drivers. C ++ often takes the place that was previously reserved for assembly languages ​​and the C programming language.

Java is a little easier and easier to learn than C ++, and has some features that make it more advantageous in some aspects than C ++. However, both languages ​​require considerable learning effort.

C ++ is one of the most widely used and popular programming languages. As a continuation of structured C programming, it relies on object-oriented means. As a result of wide spread of mobile OS, now C++ is involved in mobile development and even Android app development.

C++ and its benefits:

Scalability. C ++ - is a basis of soft for a wide variety of platforms and systems;
Ability to run on slow and old hardware;
Ability to create generalized algorithms for different data types.
C 3 - C++ development

Origin and basic properties of C ++

C ++ was developed between 1979 and 1983, the programming language was standardized in the ISO standard of 1998. The compiled general-purpose language derives mainly from the C programming language and differs essentially from the object-oriented properties of it. In addition, C ++ is influenced mainly by Simula, Algol, Ada, CLU and ML. Nevermind the age, C is still popular in the sphere of software development.

As an element of functional languages, C ++ also supports lambda expressions. The name C ++ is inspired by the increment operator, which increments an integer (for example, “i”) by one (instead of “i = i + 1” simply write “i ++”). The term refers to the habit of providing enhanced and improved versions of software with a higher version number.
One application focus of C ++ is system programming and software development for resource-constrained systems. Thus, the programming language is suitable for embedded software solutions but also for large systems.

C 4 - C++ development

Optionally object-oriented

Since C ++ neither requires nor enforces object orientation (OO), it is also possible to write pure imperative code in C ++ that is accepted by a C compiler. This proved to be beneficial for the dissemination and acceptance of the language, and possibly for the efficiency and performance of a program. At the same time, however, it had a negative impact on the merits of object-oriented programming, especially error prevention and maintainability.
Unlike similar object-oriented languages, such as Java, Rust, or C #, C ++ allows multiple inheritance. That is, a class can have more than one base class. Even that can be a reason to hire programmers who are familiar with C++

Is it still modern?

A lot of software is written using C ++. And, of course, it should be supported. Want to look at real examples? They are listed on official C++ website. Surely you will find there a lot of familiar products. None will rush to rewrite existing working C ++ code in C # or Java, just because it will be more convenient in the future. It turns out that knowledge of C ++ is necessary again.

And given the fact that C ++ has become much more convenient in working with the release of new standards, the idea of writing modules / add-ons in modern C ++ is taking place and does not look insane. In the future, this code will be much easier to maintain. At the same time, it is still the same productive C ++, with an extensive set of features. A supplemented standard library will allow you to use ready-made solutions without the need to invent something new.

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