Product overview: BoutiqueHotel360 is a real breakthrough in a digital revolution. This application for boutique hotels allows hotel guests to scroll around with their fingers to check the hotel, its facilities and the surrounding area. In this way, users get an amazing real-world experience in virtual space. The 360 touring feature makes you feel as if you are there.


  • Our customer wanted an Interactive 360° virtual tour of his boutique hotel. We needed to create a virtual reality walk-through his hotel consisting of 360 rendered visualizations, 2D visualizations, and 360 video. To make it interactive, our team made it possible for the person looking at it to choose the next location.
  • The virtual reality app was built on Xamarin
  • The app was directly embedded into our customer’s web site
    Technologies used: Ar/VR , 3D modeling, 360 video, Xamarin, 360° photography
    Have a profound impact on the world!
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