Product overview: AI Drive is a smart AI-based computer for the cars, trucks and other vehicles that helps car manufacturers and auto details suppliers hasten the automated and self-driving vehicles production.

Issues: We needed to create such a machine computer that not only tracks the environment around the driver, but also perfectly realizes what’s happening around the vehicle in real-time and detects all static and dynamic objects in the area. By accurately locating itself on the HD map AI Drive had to create and then plan the best suiting and what’s more important – safe way to go. We needed a full 360-degree environment around the car. The computer had to be not only robust and feature-packed, including the weatherproof scanning option, but it should also be easy to use. Plus, it should be able to mimic the human brain’s capacity to make decisions based on a number of incidents. In that way, the self-driving vehicle would have numerous options to choose from if something unexpected occurs. Another feature we needed to implement in AI Drive is the ability to accurately communicate with the other self-driving cars around.

Technologies used: deep learning, sensor fusion, and surround vision are greatly combined to enhance the driving experience. 360° video, 3D visualization.

  1. I would like to have a demo of this if possible. Also would like to discuss another AI/AR project which is not automotive.

  2. Love to discuss this project. We have a similar need and want to explore if there is possible synergy.

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